"Dr. Page, not only is genuinely interested in your teeth but also your well-being"


Since the beginning (1998) going to Dr. Page’s office, I found it to be professional as well as very caring and friendly. Anytime my husband or I had an emergency, they were so diligent to work us in, and us being “snowbirds”, they were extra willing to schedule in our timeframe. Dr. Stephen Page really became my hero (2005) when he suggested Procera Porcelain Crowns not only for aesthetics but for my daily migraine headaches. First time since I can remember, I do not wake up with a headache and hardly a day goes by that I don’t get a compliment on my beautiful smile and/or my teeth. They are perfect and look so natural that the compliments do not follow up with a question, “Are they real or are they crowns” but I do reply, thanks to my dentist. Oftentimes, I will be asked for his name and I am more than willing to give his name, as well as, brag about his expertise. Even though it seemed like a long process, I would do it all over again. Thank you Dr. Page!

Compared to my previous dentists, Dr. Page, not only is genuinely interested in your teeth but also your well-being. He and his staff have a super memory and even though you haven’t seen them in awhile they always remember you and your personal life, i.e., activities, hobbies or interests and treat you with such respect. I also should not, Dr. Page and his assistant treat you with “kid gloves”, and they take great effort in being very gentle. Even when just going in for a teeth cleaning, he takes the time to greet you and examine you; his manner and his staff are exemplary.


Submitted by:
Kay, Naples, FL