About Us

Drs. Boe, Page & Page have a unique multidisciplinary General Dental Practice that is able to focus on Cosmetic and Esthetic Reconstruction, Occlusal and Functional Reconstruction, Implants and Implant Prosthetics, Prevention and Restorative Dentistry, Orthodontics, and General Family Dental Care.  Our practice incorporates a Comprehensive approach to your overall dental health.   This approach allows us to provide the highest quality of dental care while always addressing the emotional and physiological needs of our patients.  The comfort and overall satisfaction of our patients is the barometer to which we measure our success.

Our office utilizes State of the Art technology and materials in the treatment of our patients.  A thorough, comprehensive examination will provide a basis for developing a treatment plan which will address your individual dental needs.  This treatment plan will be presented and explained in a one on one personal basis between the doctor and patient.  Our goal is to provide individual direction to each patient which will allow them to enjoy a healthy, beautiful, and comfortable smile for a lifetime.

At times, our patients require the expertise of a Specialist.  Rest assured that your referral will be done in a professional manner, to someone that we trust to deliver the same type of care you have become accustomed to in our practice.  Our office will coordinate all of your appointments at your convenience.  We encourage open communication.  This facilitates accomplishing our mutual goals in a priority based approach.  The treatment plan can then be adapted to your individual schedule and needs.

It is very important to us to treat each patient as we would treat our families.