You Can Make a Difference! Recipe for a Healthy Mouth

Do you know or feel, or have you been told that you grind your teeth?

Do you suffer from headaches or joint discomfort, clicking or popping, tooth sensitivity or loss of tooth structure?

Do you feel you are chewing efficiently and comfortably?

If you have concerns with any of the above, it would be recommended that you have an Occlusal and Functional Examination. At this appointment, models will be taken, and a concentrated evaluation of your bite will be done. A specific Treatment Plan will be developed to address your bite and how to stop your clenching and or grinding. If necessary, a specific evaluation of your Tempromandibular Joints will be scheduled. This evaluation can rule out joint pathology, arthritis and dislodged disc placement.

Clenching and grinding of the teeth is a very subtle and destructive process. These habits are usually done during your sleep time, and in your subconscious moments. The chewing muscles can deliver a tremendous amount of pressure to the teeth. This pressure over time tends to compromise the teeth, muscles, supporting gum and bone and the Tempromandibular joints. The long term affects of this process can actually erode the tooth structure away on a very gradual basis. Temporal headaches are a very common symptom of clenching and grinding also.

In many instances, the reconstruction of proper occlusal function will be incorporated with the Esthetic examination. A balanced bite is the key to a comfortable, long lasting and efficient chewing mouth.

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