"Personal attention our family receives is beyond any other dental experience in the past"


With growing concerns about my children’s need for repeat orthodontics and gum surgery, I needed one person to go to in order to oversee their Periodontist, orthodontist, and dental care. I chose Dr. Chris Page who more than excelled in leading this group. He set up private meetings, made all the phone calls and advised us in the most professional manner. He was available to our family at any time and hence concerns melted into confidence.

The personal attention our family receives in this office is beyond any other dental experience in the past. Personally I am hesitant to recommend medical and dental providers. In the case of Dr. Page’s office the number of referral friends and family far exceed all the others combined. This office is a rare and refreshing environment filled with knowledge, kindness, and compassion. Just this past month, my friend’s son knocked out his two front teeth in college (FGCU). We called Dr. Chris Page late at night and subsequently over the next few weeks, he took care of him. (He no longer wants to be seen by his dentist at home). Dr. Page recognized his emergent need and saw him first thing in the a.m. Upon completion, Alex returned to school with a new found confidence and brilliant smile.

Note – three generations of one family are thrilled patients of this office!


Submitted by:
Ellen, Naples, FL