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New Website Launched

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We are very excited to launch our new website, thank you for visiting it. We hope you enjoy it, and find it helpful and fun!

Boo at the Zoo

On October 22nd, Dr. Chris Page and staff had a spooktacular good time celebrating Halloween with over 2,000 people during Boo at the Zoo. Kids were dressed in costumes and trick or treated business vendors throughout the Naples Zoo. At Dr. Page’s booth, the children learned tooth trivia as they played Tooth or Dare with a chance to enter a raffle to win an I-Pod shuffle. It was a fun evening for all!

Dominican Republic Dental Care

Dr. Page and Dr. Chris Page have traveled to the Dominican Republic as part of a team of Dentist and Dental Students from the University of Florida. This dental team consisted of 4 practicing dentist and 24 dental students. The primary goal of this effort is to provide humanitarian dentistry to the villagers of some of the remote, mountainous regions of this country. The dental students will also gain invaluable experience and perspective.

The group is divided into 4 teams, with one supervising dentist and six dental students. The villagers have little to no access to modern medicine or dentistry. There is no electricity available and the dentistry is limited to infection control and mainly extractions. The University of Florida has been involved in this program for the past 20 years.

You Can Make a Difference! Recipe for a Healthy Mouth

Do you know or feel, or have you been told that you grind your teeth?

Do you suffer from headaches or joint discomfort, clicking or popping, tooth sensitivity or loss of tooth structure?

Do you feel you are chewing efficiently and comfortably?

If you have concerns with any of the above, it would be recommended that you have an Occlusal and Functional Examination. At this appointment, models will be taken, and a concentrated evaluation of your bite will be done. A specific Treatment Plan will be developed to address your bite and how to stop your clenching and or grinding. If necessary, a specific evaluation of your Tempromandibular Joints will be scheduled. This evaluation can rule out joint pathology, arthritis and dislodged disc placement.

Clenching and grinding of the teeth is a very subtle and destructive process. These habits are usually done during your sleep time, and in your subconscious moments. The chewing muscles can deliver a tremendous amount of pressure to the teeth. This pressure over time tends to compromise the teeth, muscles, supporting gum and bone and the Tempromandibular joints. The long term affects of this process can actually erode the tooth structure away on a very gradual basis. Temporal headaches are a very common symptom of clenching and grinding also.

In many instances, the reconstruction of proper occlusal function will be incorporated with the Esthetic examination. A balanced bite is the key to a comfortable, long lasting and efficient chewing mouth.

New Look, New Doctor in Naples, FL

Dear Patient:

We have exciting news and want you to be the first to know, we are expanding our dental practice. Towards the end of June, we will begin construction on our current space to accommodate the addition of a new doctor, Christopher Page, to our practice.

Dr. Chris Page, son of Dr. Stephen Page, graduated from the University of Florida College of Dentistry in May 2008. Our hope is to provide more services and offer continued excellence in dental care in Naples, FL for you. Upon the anticipated completion of our new facility in November, our office will offer extended business hours, allowing for greater emergency care response time and Friday appointments.

Your primary doctor will not change. Dr. Chris Page is accepting new patients this summer and will work with emergency care services during extended hours.

During the anticipated five-month construction period, please enter through the back door of our building. Signs will be posted in our current parking lot to help direct you.

We appreciate the confidence you have shown in us during our 28-year practice and hope you will join us in welcoming Dr. Chris Page to Naples.

Please contact us if you have any questions at: (239) 263-2122.

Dr. Steven Boe & Dr. Stephen Page

What You Don’t Know, May Hurt You

Great smiles and healthy mouths don’t just happen. Sound teeth and healthy gums come from consistent homecare and an understanding of the “ENEMY”. In this case, the culprit is stagnated debris around the gum line. In fact, studies show that self-determination to have a healthy mouth is one of the most important aspects of actually maintaining good oral health over time. Patients who brush and floss regularly because they want to — not because others pressure them to — often enjoy good dental health.

Bacteria are a normal, everyday part of the mouth and come primarily from the food we eat. The bacteria tend to accumulate around the necks of the teeth, at the junction of the tooth and gum. If these bacteria are allowed to stagnate for more than 24 hours, the body produces an inflammatory reaction. The symptoms of this reaction are puffy, red gums which tend to bleed very easily. It does not matter if your gums have always bled; it is not normal to have any bleeding.

For best results, place the bristles of the brush in contact with the gums at a 45-degree angle to the gums. You must be able to feel these bristles touching your gums. If you do not feel the bristles on your gums, you must realign the head of the brush so that it contacts the gums. Massage your gums with the bristles for 10 seconds in each area. After brushing this area, move to the next area and repeat the process.

Learning to massage brush properly can dramatically improve the overall health of your mouth. Proper brushing will decrease the incidence of gingivitis, cavities and bad breath. Ask your dentist or dental hygienist to evaluate your “massage brushing” technique. We know your gums will appreciate your mastery of this skill.

Contact the Drs. Boe and Page at 239-263-2122 for more information.